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Attention BTC buyers: BTC sending fee (equal to 300 sat/btye) will be deducted from the order amount , This measure is taken to provide you timely bitcoin confirmations.
on 2017-12-14

We support Litecoin , Etherum and Bitcoin-Cash now!
on 2017-08-21

Following exchange directions are processed automatically. btc to pm
on 2017-04-05

All users who want to send via bank/easy paisa are required to verify using their ID card. If you are already verified from old website or via skype or email then please send us an email with your username , we will update your status to verified.
on 2017-03-15

If you find any error or bug , Please feel free to contact us.
on 2017-03-15

Welcome to our new website. Whats new? New GUI + User Accounts+Much More. Whats special? Instant Auto Exchanges.
on 2017-03-15

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Perfect Money USD
7915.999999 USD
Bitcoin BTC
1.13555429 BTC
Bank Transfer PKR
1266977.769675 PKR
Western Union USD
5005.2399200233 USD
1773.076923 USD
Easypaisa PKR
1643071.5182148 PKR
WebMoney USD
2.5369449999999 USD
Epay USD
Litecoin LTC
1.38009083 LTC
Ethereum ETH
2.4437109710907 ETH
Bitcoin-Cash BTC
0.09218538 BTC